Participant Eligibility

  • High Schools Eligibility

    Up to 30 high schools with eligible productions from San Diego County public and private high schools and/or collaborative multi-school or school district productions, will be accepted to compete in the 2017 San Diego Ben Vereen Awards.

  • Production Must Be a Full Length Musical Production

    To enter, the production must be a full length musical theater production included on the list of approved roles/shows provided by the National High School Musical Theatre Awards (NHSMTA). The list can be accessed here.

    (Note: If your high school is producing a full length musical theater production that is not on the approved list, but you believe that it is a good fit for the competition, there is an appeals process for inclusion. Please contact us if this is the case. There has been a precedent set for the inclusion of lesser known shows and recently released shows through this process.)

  • Must Be Currently Enrolled in High School

    Only currently enrolled high school students may be selected as Best Actor/Best Actress Nominees for their portrayal of approved leading roles in participating high school productions. Both graduating seniors and underclassmen are eligible.

  • For Best Musical Category

    For the Best Musical category, high school students must comprise at least 90% of the ensemble. A minimal number of supporting roles played by additional younger children or adults is acceptable.

  • Category Nominees

    A total of up to 10 Best Actor Nominees, 10 Best Actress Nominees, and 5 Best Musical Nominees, will be selected from all of the participating schools. These nominees will be invited to compete at the 2017 San Diego Ben Vereen Awards on stage competition event, on Sunday, May 28 2017 at the Balboa Theatre in downtown San Diego.

  • Mandatory Workshops and Rehearsals

    Best Actor and Best Actress Nominees must be available to participate in a week of mandatory workshops and rehearsals in May 2017 culminating with the Ben Vereen Awards San Diego Competition. Exact times and dates TBD.

  • Rehearsal Schedule

    Rehearsals will be scheduled for evening and weekend hours to be compatible with high school attendance. Exact dates and location TBD.

  • Advancing to the NHSMTA

    The Best Actor and Best Actress champions (one male/one female), from the San Diego Ben Vereen Awards will advance to the National High School Musical Theatre Awards (NHSMTA)/Jimmy™ Awards, which will take place in June of 2017 at a Broadway Theatre (TBD). The Broadway League will now be overseeing the centralized operations of this program.

  • For Teachers and Directors…

    Teacher/Directors, please be aware that the Best Actor/Best Actress candidates must be able to commit to the entire series of competition activities in May and June. Please consult with your students and their parents to confirm their availability before committing them to this process.

  • If You Are Unable to Fulfill Your Obligations

    In the event that a winner is unable to fulfill his or her obligations to the entire series of competitions, a First Runner-Up may be chosen to take their place.

  • Home-Schooled Students

    Home-schooled students are not eligible to participate in the Ben Vereen Awards unless they are part of a participating high school musical theatre production.

  • Individual Auditions/Submissions

    Individual auditions/submissions to the Ben Vereen Awards are not possible. In this Tony® Awards style competition, Best Actor and Best Actress candidates must be nominated for their performance in an approved leading role in a participating high school or school district’s musical theater production.

Adjudications of San Diego County High School Musicals will run September 1, 2016 through April 30, 2017. The 2017 Ben Vereen Awards on stage competition event will be held on Sunday, May 28, 2017 at the Balboa Theatre in downtown San Diego.